A modern manufacturer of textiles and fabrics. Based in Oakland, CA.

Just kidding, we make software.

Although we're not ready to share the details yet, you are free to speculate wildly based on the backgrounds of our founders.

• • •

Sam was the co-founder & CEO of Remix, a city planning software now used by 350+ cities (and recently acquired!). He's worked for NASA, the Department of Energy, and the justice system; it's made him a believer in the power of creative tools in unexpected places.

• • •

Can is long-time technologist whose experience ranges from working on Digg to leading teams at Uber. He's an avid writer and co-author of Margins. He believes every person deserves well-designed technology.

(P.S. it's pronounced "John"; it's Turkish)

• • •

We're well-funded and we're hiring!

Front-end engineers, back-end engineers, designers, and a handful of other roles. Join the team to help build a beautiful, interactive and fun web-based tool for ██████████

If you're curious, the best way to learn more is to email us!

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